We go above and beyond industry standards because our clients deserve safe, quality, and long-lasting projects.


When Connecticut businesses want the job done right the first time, they trust Performance Plumbing & Heating. From HVAC, to plumbing, to design and build—if you have questions, we answer them. If you have issues, we find a solution.

So, the next time your company needs an upgrade, repair, or build—trust our expert team.


When it comes to issues of sanitation, waste disposal, and potable water, trust your business needs to an experienced plumber.

If plumbing maintenance goes unchecked, it can become a serious and costly issue—don’t put yourself in this position.

Contact one of our certified plumbers to fix your issue before it becomes an expensive mistake.


Our expert, certified technicians at Performance Plumbing & Heating are ready to help you maximize indoor comfort and air quality. Our clients trust us with all of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

Having problems regulating the temperature in your building or looking for an upgraded, energy-efficient HVAC? We can help!

Plans and Specifications

When it comes to construction planning, Performance Plumbing & Heating has seen it all. Our team of construction experts is poised and ready to work with you in drafting up your most challenging construction designs so you can build exactly to plan.

Chat with one of our experts to get your project started.

Design and Build

From initial design to the final walk through, our team of seasoned industry experts is more than capable of handling your most challenging plumbing or heating and air conditioning builds.

Put your building fears at ease and realize the true potential of your project with one of our experts.

Pipe Welding

As experts in plumbing and piping, it’s only natural that we do our own in-house welding. Our extensive capabilities include both the repair and original fabrication of pipes of varied metallic composition. 

Our welding services help you save money and fix unique problems. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution—look no further. Reach out today to set your appointment.

Medical Gas Installation

Medical gas systems are a critical component of patient care in any healthcare facility. Performance Plumbing & Heating is proud to be a trusted name in the installation and upkeep of these highly specific piping systems.

To speak with one of our expert technicians about your project, please reach out at (860) 496-0168.

Certifications you can trust


Plumbing Contractor # PLM.0204318-P1


HVAC License HTG.0303304-S1


HVAC # HTG.0396599-S3


Medical Contractor License # MGV.0000162.MG1


Fire Protection License # FRP.0040739-F1


Limited Sheet Metal Contractor License # SHM.0001040-SM1


Solar Thermal Contractor License # STC.0000019-STC1

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